How to Be More Productive Now: This Technique Really Works!

If you have ever oscillated between starting at a blank page, getting sucked into 52 chrome tabs of “research”, and typing furiously until you realize the sun has set and you have a headache from not eating or pausing for air, this technique can help you get more done right now.

I have found this technique especially helpful for writing, but you can use it to clean your house or finish your assigned reading or just about any task.

The Pomodoro technique was named after the tomato shaped timer the inventor used as part of this technique (pomodoro means ‘tomato’ in Italian).

The Pomodoro technique is especially useful because it helps you focus and gives you a solid estimate of how much time tasks take to complete versus how much time you thought a task would take.

This will allow you to plan what you can accomplish daily note accurately, and to say no when you know you are taking on too much for one day.

You can also quickly breeze through smaller tasks and ride the endorphin rush that comes with ticking items off your to do list.

Ready to try it out? Simply:

1. Pick a task and estimate the amount of time needed to complete the task.

2. Work with extreme focus ( no distractions! ) for 25 minutes. Take a five minute break. Repeat.

After a few sessions take a 15-30 minute break.

3. Record how much time it actually took to complete the task and note any challenges or distractions for the future.

It works for me every time I feel myself getting overwhelmed and is much more efficient than when I try to jump from task to task.

Thoughts on this technique or any productivity tips you would like to share? Reach out in the comments below.

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