How To Save Money with these DIY Body Scrub Recipes: Amazingly Easy and Luxurious

Why you should D.I.Y and the benefits of using a body scrub

I spent ten minutes staring at a container of body scrub in a discount retail store that shall remain nameless trying to figure out why it was 16 dollars for 8 ounces. It was not a name brand. It was tiny. The ingredients did not list gold, frankincense, or myrrh.

    I knew that I could whip up something for much less and have fun doing it (and so can you!).

This is one of my favorite DIY recipes because it is so quick and easy and the possibilities in terms of scents and ingredients is almost limitless.

    The following recipes will reinvigorate your skin and make you smell delicious! Body and facial scrubs remove dead skins cells and moisturize dry skin .

The ingredients are things you may already have at home and are very inexpensive compared to many commercial products. The recipes below can be used on your face and your body.


    When making your own scrubs, there are a few basic ingredients you want to have. The first thing you need  is a container. I prefer something short and wide because scrubs are hard to get out of a taller container in the shower without a spoon .You can repurpose old scrub containers , use a simple Tupperware container or a mason jar. I have also found beautiful glass containers at my local thrift stores for under a dollar.

 The next thing you will want to select is an exfoliant. I have used and enjoyed table salt, finely ground sea salt, ground Epsom salt, oatmeal (ground in a food processor or blender), ground coffee, white sugar and brown sugar. My personal favorite exfoliant is brown sugar because it smells great and does not require any extra preparation.

 The next thing you need is an oil. There are many choices available including olive oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil , grapeseed oil, and sweet almond oil. It is really up to you if you want to use what you already have or if you want to make a trip to your local health food store or order something more exotic online.

I personally favor olive, grape seed, and coconut oil because they are very inexpensive and are available at the grocery store I do almost all of my shopping at. The basic ratio for your exfoliants and oils is about ¼ cup oil per cup of exfoliant. You want the exfoliant to be saturated but you don’t want extra oil.

 The last thing you may (which is completely optional but makes your scrub positively luxurious) is a fragrance and extra additives. I use about 20 drops of essential oil (any will do, but I like lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, or peppermint) per 2 cups of exfoliant. When adding your fragrance, less is more. Try a few drops and add more if you desire.

You can buy essential oils inexpensively online or at a health food store and you can use them for homemade cleaning and beauty products (including almost all of the DIY recipes on this website). If you are new to essential oils you can pick just one fragrance or buy a small sample sized started kit. Other options include vanilla essence (imitation is fine), cocoa powder, or the juice of one lemon or lime.

     Extra additives include dried herbs such as lavender or mint, food dyes, or even cocoa butter and shea butter for extra moisture.

Quick Tips

   Substitutions are not only acceptable but encouraged! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different oils and exfoliants or scents. I have not yet made a  batch that was unusable.

      Your scrubs can be as complicated or as simple as you like. The recipes I have experimented with below are frugal and simple so that you don’t need to waste a lot of money or energy.

     You can also consider giving these scrubs as gifts. Simply put them in a mason jar with a ribbon. If you are feeling creative you can make your own beautiful labels or gift tags.

Happy Scrubbing!


Brown Sugar and Vanilla Cake Scrub

2/3 cup oil of your choice

2 cups brown sugar

5 drops of vanilla extract

A jar/container

Chocolate Lovers

 ⅔ cup coconut oil

  2 cups sugar

1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder

A jar or container

Lemon Goddess

  ⅔ cup Olive oil

  2 cups table salt

The juice of one lemon or 1 tablespoon preserved lemon juice

Mint Refresher

⅔ cup grapeseed oil

2 cups ground Epsom salt or sea salt

20 drops peppermint essential oil

Simply mix the ingredients together with spoon. Easy, right? The trick with these recipes is to make sure you don’t add too much oil. If you do, simply add more exfoliant . The ideal texture is similar to beach sand.

    Please be aware that if you use these in the shower or bath the surface might get a little oil on it and become slippery. Be safe.

I would love to hear about any scent combinations you came up with in the comments.  Enjoy!

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